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Experienced technical back-up


Our heritage as a water treatment company gives to us the experience of operating and managing the complex chemical and physical treatment requirements to satisfy current environmental, safety and business needs.

Our staff have provided technical support in UK; USA; Europe and the Middle East where the different technical and commercial operating environment presents challenges and problems that have been overcome. All these experiences are available when similar technical challenges and problems arise in the UK in cooling or heating systems, boilers or condensers.


Technical Support

some examples of questions we receive;

  • What is causing the loss of nitrite in my closed heating system?

  • What must I monitor in a molybdate/nitrite treated closed system?

  • How can I descale a galvanised cooling tower?

  • What is causing the pH drift in my chilled system?

  • What problems can be caused by overdosing this biocide?

From Corrosion coupons, pre-com cleaning to pseudomonas we have practical and positive experience to share with our clients.

On Site Support, moitoring and diagnostics
We will work with our customers on site to investigate, monitor and communicate to help drive problems from the water system, to ensure the water treatment chemicals are correctly and safely used and monitored, and to help your client understand the importance of the work being carried out

Our Network

We have access to professional who can be brought in to support you

  • expert witness

  • corrosion specialists

  • microbiologists

  • authorising engineers


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