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A background in Water Treatment


Aqueous Logic provides innovative speciality water treatment chemicals for service companies to sell on with their own label and branding.

The business was established by David Sevier, a water treatment formulation chemist, in 1995 when it was started as a water treatment services company which also manufactured the chemicals they used based on David's innovative chemical water treatment formulations. Over the years the service side of the business was dropped and the company focused purely on supplying water treatment chemicals.

Advice and Support

As a result of our heritage we understand water treatment better than any other chemical manufacturer. Hence we don’t just sell chemicals; we provide advice, training and support, on-site if required, to ensure that you deliver the best possible service to your clients.

Working with our Customers

​We can help you if you’re looking to add value to your business with high quality, trusted water treatment chemicals. With a vast range of water treatment products and services we’re sure to have the solution for your specific needs.

Quality and Value

We offer great value for money and ensure you get the right treatment every time.

In addition to our standard products, we also have the flexibility to formulate, manufacture, pack and deliver water treatment chemicals specific to your requirement.


We offer our customers;

  • full range of chemicals

  • unique formulations

  • flexible and friendly service

  • choice of pack sizes

  • regulatory compliance

  • confidentiality

  • expert technical support

  • quality control and audit

  • customised solutions

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