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Here at Aqueous Logic we understand that there are specific technical challenges facing the providers of speciality water treatment services and we put our resources to work at meeting those challenges to deliver new products, improved products and enhanced procedures.





Pre commission cleaner – AQ137

Aqueous Logic have many formulations of cleaner that are safe to use and are quick acting.

We have evaluated competitors products and found that our AQ137 product clearly performed to the highest standard.


See the box opposite showing the results of testing using ‘standard’ corroded steel

Rapid Corrosion Passivation

Our customers wanted to rapidly gain control of iron levels during the final stages of pre commission cleaning.

To passivate quickly dose 220A product. 220A is formulated with Nitrite with yellow metal inhibitor and polymers.

  • Forms a corrosion inhibition layer immediately.

  • Full protection is achieved as soon as the 220A is distributed to all parts of the system.

  • If the system is only copper and steel construction the 220A product will give full corrosion protection when correct treatment reserves are maintained

  • Lw cost high performance product.

Our customers give strong positive feedback.


Corrosion Booster

The 220B is a supplementary inhibitor package to be dosed when the system is stable.
220B contains molybdate and additional polymers to provide full corrosion protection of any aluminium components.
220B is also used to meet specification where molybdate is required in steel and copper only systems.
220B is dosed in addition to 220A


Top Up Dosing

Routine monitoring may show that top up dosing is required for the nitrite or molybdate reserve to be held at the correct levels.
220 is a combination of 220A and 220B that provides a single drum solution.
220 contains the full nitrite, molybdate and yellow metal corrosion inhibitor package.  Specialist polymers are included within 220 to ensure control of suspended solids.

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