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Cooling Water Treatment

Our products improve operating efficiencies, provide safety and extend asset life in heat exchangers and cooling towers.

We have many years' experience with the management and support of open cooling systems with our chemicals and provide this knowledge and experience to you in support of your business.

We formulate, manufacture and supply the full range of products to meet the challenges of operating  evaporative cooling systems both efficiently and safely.

Our products for Cooling Water Treatment include:

  • Scale inhibitors for low, medium and high hardness waters

  • Corrosion Inhibitors for soft and softened water

  • Combined scale and corrosion inhibitors  for all water types

  • Speciality dispersants for scale, corrosion and biofouling mobilisation

The selection and application of these products is key to providing your clients with safe and efficient cooling system performance. Contact our specialists for detailed product performance and selection information.


These speciality inhibitors are supported with a range of biocides.

The Biocide Product Directive, which classifies these systems as Type 11, has revolutionised the supply side of the water treatment industry with more changes to come in the next few years.

At Aqueous Logic we are firmly focused on delivering compliant products to deliver the best possible performance.

We also understand that our customers need practical advice on product selection, application and monitoring in a market place where pseudomonas and Legionella Bacteria continue to be the primary microbial safety concern in open cooling systems

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