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Closed Systems


Aqueous Logic has for many years provided stand out performance chemicals for domestic systems; we are the ONLY manufacturer to have published our results following independent testing of our domestic inhibitor under the stringent Advantica test regime.

Likewise we also provide a high performance range of products for commercial and industrial closed systems.

We supply chemicals for protection of all systems including multimetal systems with ALUMINIUM heat exchangers and pipework.

  • Multimetal system without aluminium

  • Fast Passivators

  • System lay-up treatments

  • Pre-commission cleaning formulations

  • Online/offline boiler cleaners

  • Online/Offline system restoration cleaners

  • Off line boiler/heat exchanger descaling

  • Biocides for general purpose, pseudomonas, NRB, SRB and to prevent MIC.


The Biocide Product Directive, which classifies these systems as Type 11, has revolutionised the supply side of the water treatment industry with more changes to come in the next few years.

At Aqueous Logic we are firmly focused on delivering compliant products to deliver the best possible performance.

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