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Our New Hand and Surface Sanitiser


Aqueous Logic is now selling a Hand and Surface Sanitiser that is registered under BPR Article 95 for PT01 (hands) and PT06 (surfaces) disinfection. Our product quickly kills viruses including Corvid 19. This claim is supported by independent test data.


Our Hand Sanitiser is hydrogen peroxide based and alcohol free. It will not dry out hands and skin as alcohol based sanitisers do. It is a much better product for situations of repeated use. 


Our Hand Sanitiser is a liquid format product that can be sprayed onto hands and surfaces.


Aqueous Logic can supply large volumes of our Hand and Surface Sanitiser to help our customers protect themselves during the current Pandemic.


Not All Hand Sanitisers Kill Covid 19!


UK law requires that Hand Sanitisers be registered under BPR Article 95 PT01 before they are sold. Regretfully this regulation is largely focused towards killing of bacteria. It allows products that have little to no effect on viruses to be registered. The current regulations give no useful guidance to consumers about whether a Hand Sanitiser can or cannot kill Covid 19.


To kill viruses such as Covid 19, a Hand Sanitiser needs to contain hydrogen peroxide (ours does) or a minimum of 60% alcohol. Products that do not contain either of these ingredients will not kill Covid 19. Products that can kill Covid 19 generally will cost more to produce that Hand Sanitisers that are unable to kill Covid 19.

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