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Own Label Service

​Here at Aqueous Logic we are experienced working with companies to bring forward our water treatment chemical formulations for scale and corrosion inhibitors, and all supporting products, to enable service companies to deliver 1st class performance to clients who are operating business critical water systems.

Products are available from our range of over 200 formulations including

  • Proven scale and corrosion inhibitors for closed and open systems

  • Steam boiler and condensate treatment

  • Biocides for open and closed systems

  • Cleaning open and closed systems


Packaging options

1lt to 1000 lt containers

One way and returnable, all containers are recyclable

All chemicals, hazard and non hazard are shipped in UN containers

All containers are robust and fit for purpose to withstand transport trauma

Colour options are available

We can pack by weight or volume


We use well established and reliable delivery partners

Experienced and approved to carry hazard and non-hazard liquid chemicals

Timed delivery and rapid delivery options are available

Products are available for collection by your staff at our Sutton facility



Place your confidence in Aqueous Logic as your water treatment chemical supply partner

You will receive

Compliant SDS for you to customise
Technical Data Sheets
Technical Support

MONEY BACK CONFIDENTIALITY Guarantee – contact us for details

Key elements of Own Label;

  • your company on product

  • delivered direct to customer retaining company confidentiality

  • fully compliant SDS's

  • etc

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