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Aqueous Logic are committed to meeting the expectations for environmental protection in how we do business this include how we work at our production facility.
We strive to reduce waste in all aspects of the business and to value the savings this brings to the business we work with.


We use only chemical raw materials that are supported under the REACH regulations.
This is part of the global drive to remove the more hazardous and harmful chemicals from the supply chain.


Product Formulation

Replacing the hazardous components of the water treatment chemical formulations, where possible, with materials with a reduced hazard chemical.
Endeavouring to reduce water content to reduce packaging and transport costs whilst managing product safety and handling to reduce risk.


This regulation demands that biocides supplied within the Europe are supported with a technical dossier, encompassing safety, environmental and performance have been subject to scrutiny and approval by EU technicalbodies.
The early phases of this regulation has seen the withdrawal of many biocide molecules from the European market.

Aqueous Logic are supplying only chemicals that are on the Article 95 participant list.

There are many changes that will effect the water treatment chemicals market place and there are likely to be still more changes.

Contact us so we can work together to observe these regulations.


For safety we use Virgin UN approved containers, we protect the environment by not spilling chemicals!

Used containers can be cleaned and recycled and subject to prior acceptance returned to us.
We endeavour to repurpose used containers, damaged containers are recycled.


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