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The Aqueous Logic range of chemical water treatment products is designed to treat all water types from the soft waters of the highlands to the very high hardness waters of Lincolnshire.

For water systems which have a positive or negative Langellier Saturation Index or a Ryznar between 3.5 and 8.5 we can work with you to provide the correct chemical solution.

The most important factor in the success of the water treatment chemicals we supply is that the correct product is selected and that it is dosed and monitored.

As anyone who has put petrol (excellent fuel) into a diesel will tell you the right product in the wrong place caused the problem!

Talk to us to find the correct chemical solutions.

Experienced technical back-up


Our product range is continually reviewed and developed by our team to ensure we maintain a flexible and innovative response to specific problems as well as being able to encompass and develop new technologies.

Our experienced in-house staff provide a comprehensive technical back-up service for our customers to understand the causes of problems in treated water systems and work together to provide effective solutions.

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